A tribute to the JAE 2013 Festival, which was held between 19th and 22nd September. If you were there we’d love to hear about your experiences, so please get in touch and let us have your reviews.

At The iGaming Super Show

Jacky’s back in June, this time at the 2014 iGaming Super Show in Amsterdam. He’s due to entertain the attendees during lunch on the first day of the event, with rumours of an evening performance at one of the after show events as well.

The event is an annual exhibition for the online betting industry, which boasted over 3000 attendees last year, from over 70 different countries. Organisers state that they expect to beat that figure this time around. It is a truly international event which should make for an ideal platform for Jacky to showcase his talents.

Exhibitors and speakers include representatives from the major online bookmakers and gaming operators, payment facilities and spread betting companies. Attendees will be able to compare various betting offers in a relaxed environment. Jane Jones, a key speaker last year, told us about the great atmosphere that attendees can expect this time around.

It was a little overwhelming at first. So many people gathered from so many different places, all with the one common interest in the subject of online betting and gaming, and all waiting to hear what I had to say.

We doubt Jacky will be overawed, as indeed Jane wasn’t. We were told she was one of the stars of last year’s event due to her in depth knowledge of the betting offers marketplace.

More information about the show can be found at their website.

Mobile World Conference (MWC) Sideshow

The Allegro Combo were in Barcelona last month to perform a sideshow in the entertainment area of the MWC show. Widely regarded as a huge success, the event showcased the latest mobile technhology, including phones, tablets and smart watches.

Major brands present included Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. As well as new hardware, software vendors introduced new apps and services.

Allegro were well received during their afternoon set and were said to be hopeful of a return invitation at next year’s event.

Sidony Box At The Virtual Gaming Show

In case you missed them, Sidony Box put in an online performance for attendees and delegates at this week’s Virtual Gaming Show.

As the name suggests this was a virtual event, like a mass meeting for people in the online gaming industry. That meant the Box were able to perform from the comfort of their own studio via a high speed internet linkup. Isn’t technology great?

In case you’re interested to know a little bit more about the event, this is their video explaining what it’s all about. If we can get hold of a video of the Sidony Box promotional gig we’ll be sure to post it up here too.

Jacky At The Cheltenham Festival

This week Jacky can be seen at the Cheltenham horse racing festival. Rumour has it he will be performing for the public outside the venue, and will be available to meet if you’re lucky enough to have one of the hospitality packages.

The Cheltenham Festival, for those who don’t now, is the UK’s premier horse racing event and runs between the 11th and 14th March. If you’re attending no doubt you’ll be concentrating on the high quality racing on show, but inbetween why not look out for Jacky and see if you can catch one of his performances.